The Casba Ocean Down Shirt Jacket was born with the intention of representing a snapshot of the ocean.

The pattern is composed of complex weave of blue tones that represent the water, whilst the shades of white represent the ripples of the waves.

The garment is made from a special nylon/cotton ripstop fabric of military origin and implemented through a reinforcement technique that makes it resistant to tearing; the strong reinforcement threads are woven at regular intervals through a cross-sampling pattern. The ready-to-dye base is treated with a special dyeing technique that produces a tye & dye effect, drawing a number of unique and infinite shades of colour. The fabric is then brushed and enriched with a finish that warms the hand, making it softer and more comfortable to the touch.

The special thermal insulation, which makes up the filling, consists of very fine continuous fibre filaments. The fibres do not migrate through the different parts of the fabric and the insulation is very effective, down to very low temperatures. Climashield Apex has excellent insulation properties, dries quickly and is extremely breathable, thus increasing the life cycle of the end product and reducing the impact on the environment.

The garment is embellished with brushed and burnished stainless-steel buttons with a diameter of 25 mm that, embracing a futuristic and essential design vision, depict ice crystals.

Enriched at the back with the iconic Casba plate in burnished and brushed stainless steel with a precision laser engraved logo.