For life’s explorers.

Casba was born at the bottom of the majestic Mount Schlern in the South Tyrolean Dolomites. Our products are designed in Bolzano, engineered with urban peculiarities in Milan, and hand-assembled in Italy.

The logo depicts the stylization of the face of a peregrine falcon, the fastest and most agile creature in the world. Iconic symbol of functionality and pioneering spirit is also a famous colonizer of metropolitan environments.

We are dedicated to the empowerment of human beings by making outdoor clothing technology an accessible experience for all. We simplify people’s lives through the creation of functional accessories.

Our design is guided by the culture of function of use, focused on the idea that there is always a way to make this experience more intuitive. We test our prototypes in the Alps, the most important mountain range in Europe, a demanding test bed, marked by wild environments and peculiar weather conditions.Contextually, we explore population centers, investigating the practical needs of daily life. We experience extreme innovation combined with fine Italian labor. Our outsourcing is inspired by the competitions of high performance sports. Collaboration with suppliers of excellence, contributes to an added value unparalleled and ensures the highest quality and technology for every single component.

Driven by curiosity, integrity of spirit, admiration for nature, freedom of thought, dedication to design, irreverence toward immobility, and the belief that every human being has the right to change. We stand alongside people whose imagination defies established impositions by treading unexplored paths. For them, the goal is fundamental, but even more important is the way they achieve it. These are for us the people who move the world forward.

Our products are designed meticulously and consciously, in form and materials, to last over time, while respecting the environment.