Express yourself and act without symbolic constraints

resorting to the desire to conceive and implement an action:
the free choice to be oneself.

CASBA was born 2 years ago in our garage in a small town in northern Italy

We are Giacomo and Giulia and our mission is to CHANGE THE RULES OF THE GAME.

Now CASBA based in Milan, is a solid Streetwear brand that represents a crossover of cultures of metropolitan origin, ranging from the artistic world to the sporting one.



The concept of Casba born after the experience of Giacomo as an advertising graphic in Berlin. The different cultures and styles present in the German capital, led the designer to depict this Melting pot under a vision of fusion and not of separation. The Underground concept defined style, while Arab culture defined its name and logo.

Our origins are inspired by the Casbah, a historic area of the Arab cities of North Africa, inhabited by the poorest people. Falconry, portrayed by our logo, is the expression of a hunting practice in keeping with the elites in Arab culture. Hence the link between the opposites, an inner conflict that accompanies man from the day of his creation and that each of us has the need to express.

The entire production process of the Casba® line is strictly Made in Italy. We work closely with all the manufacturing companies, following the entire production chain of each garment, which is carefully created paying attention to all the phases of its production: inspiration, design, cutting and choice of fabrics.

To understand the long research process and the excellent quality of the workmanship of our garments, a simple glance is not always enough; it would be better to wear them, test them in everyday life and perceive with their own hands the emotions they transmit ..